Your Values, Our Mission.

Actively contributing to the development of “the Jewel of the Orient”

Kee Marine’s surveyors and engineers have been involved in the international and local maritime industry for over four decades. We have pride in seeing ourselves being familiar with international and local Hong Kong maritime laws, regulations, and practices, thanks to our director’s background in serving the Hong Kong Marine Department. Moreover, we have experts in harbour management and port captains from local companies who manage ocean-going vessels, river trade vessels, and various types of high-speed crafts. 

Our company has personnel appointed by the Hong Kong Marine Department as Authorised Surveyors and Registered Gas Free Inspectors. Additionally, we are professionally recognised as China Registered Magnetic Compass Adjusters. Our engineers, who come from respected backgrounds and international liners, are equipped to serve every maritime niche.

Apart from the above, our director is currently serving as the members of the following public committees or organisations:

With interests in several local shipyards, we have participated in designing and building ships locally for both passenger and cargo marine transportation. Certain affiliated companies within our group have been granted licenses by the Hong Kong Government to operate local ferries and waste management services.

With a broad spectrum of clients, we provide comprehensive services at all levels, including vessel surveys, installation, adjustment, and repair of compasses and other navigational equipment, gas-free inspections of tanks and enclosed spaces, as well as fleet management, marine services, and consultation for individuals and companies.

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